Take your Yoga Practice to a new level.

Patterns can show us where to focus awareness to create a change. Breaking destructive patterns means more space for what it is you really want.  Unhelpful patterns held in the physical body inform the way we move, often times limiting range of motion, creating stiffness or pain, or set plateaus (we don’t even see) that are accepted as a default capacity.  In the energetic body, unhelpful patterns are set through the discursive mind that filters us from being who we really are. All these patterns culminate to limit our innate spiritual profundities.

In this master yoga class you will be my guide; through the Yoga on the Verge format, we will discover together what story your body is telling and how to effectively engage with unhelpful patterns that emerge, leading us into a real and authentic journey of where we delve collectively and safely.

This master class will be hands-on practice class, taught through demonstration and discussions.  As a master class, we will be refining old skills in new ways, bring your readiness and openness to do things differently.

As old patterns surface,  you participate by merely glimpsing at them and moving on, even if it seems difficult.   Be open to breaking through!


If you are a flexy-bendy type be open to move into shaky, deep strength building.

If you are the strong type be ready to use your strength to create that length you crave.

If you shy away from yoga as the tight & weak type be prepared to shift into a new paradigm.

If you have a strong practice be willing to open to new perspectives.

If you love your practice the way it is. Great! Skip this.


Attending Master classes and workshops is a great opportunity to look at life from a different perspective AND to delve into specifics of your practice with a senior teacher right in your backyard.

Classes will always allow much inspired time for puddles of śavāsana.

Investment: 2 hours of your time and attention with openness to delve deeply.

This is my contribution to the blossoming Kilauea Community.

Master class is absolutely free. No donations taken.

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