Special 3 Day Intensive

The Qigong of Wing Chun

Featuring Sifu Stephen Joffe from Martial Works

Sifu Stephen Joffe will deliver a special equinox weekend training inside of which we will explore the energy cultivation in the unique and powerful martial art style of Wing Chun Kung Fu

This fun and action packed training will be staged outdoors on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii

Topics covered:

  • Seated and standing meditations
  • Energy cultivation within the ancient boxing forms of Wing Chun
  • How the practice of Kung Fu ensures the preservation of our life force
  • The Science of Wing Chun, or progressive boxing drills that lead to Mastery
  • Why boxing skill is considered a pinnacle of achievement in Wing Chun
  • How to develop a life-long and personal practice regime

The Seminar is open to all levels, come along and experience Stephen Joffe’s insight into the profound Boxing Art of Wing Chun.


Training Fee = $275*

*Pay online at martialworks
Select the “pledge now” button in the
“Seminars & Creative Memberships”
section and enter $275

About Stephen Joffe

Stephen Joffe is Master of Eastern Science, as a teacher of 30 years experience, he has taught Worldwide and across many audiences; all the way from USA Olympic Gymnasts to Special Forces and everywhere in-between.

Originally trained as a Biochemist Stephen worked on an anti-HIV drug design team at the CDC; disillusioned with inanimate Western Science, he decided to teach people according to the dynamic life promoting tradition of martial arts.

With a wealth of experience and deep knowledge of a variety of meditative practices; Stephen has developed a unique energy-based teaching method: all learning, and any personal gauge on evolution within the ancient body wisdom disciplines he teaches, is centered on progress of the individuals energy system.

Stephen’s dedication to the Ancient esoteric traditions, combined with his desire to share the powerfully transformative benefits, brings poetic delight and engages everyone he comes into contact with.

Stephen Joffe QiGong of Wing Chung at Hale Ohana, Kauai



If you would like to arrange for lodging contact us at Hale Ohana.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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