Yoga On The Verge: Spontaneous Movement in Flow

by | Aug 19, 2017 | 0 comments

“Designed to bring you to the verge of your limitations and into the place of your true nature.”

A Sacred & Adventurous Yoga Re.Treat Experience facilitated by Simplicity Love merges exquisite exploration of Kaua’i the ‘Garden Island’ with the intuitive exploration of our own body’s full expression.

When we move our bodies in tune with our breathe, and bring to it the awareness and connection with spirit, we can reach new levels of experience within ourselves.

Yoga on The Verge is a unique experience of blending timeless yoga practices with the spontaneous adventure and landscape of Kaua’i. 

Here we can experience our inner beauty match our outer beauty, in an exquisite and simultaneous blend of heaven on earth and within.