We are Family. We are ‘Ohana.

Living in LOVE. Thriving TOGETHER. With ALOHA.

Ke 'aloha 'o ke Akua e kîpuni mai iâ kâkou.

‘E Komo Mai Kakou – Welcome to the House of Family

We invite YOU to share and experience co-creation in togetherness.

We are rooted in the Hawaiian wisdom teachings;

ancient, universal practices for living in full harmony with ourselves and our Mother earth.


We do this by:

Living The Practices of 'Aloha

‘Aloha and ‘Ohana are ways of life. They connect the breath with the mana (lifeforce) and as we come to life we find our home and our joy and our support in the family and loved ones around us with whom we share and relish our Light.

Honoring the land; the 'aina

We live in harmony, gratitude, appreciation for, and reverence for the land. We grow and eat nourishing local foods that strengthen our bodies and minds, and fuel our heart and soul with a vibrant healthy vessel. We pray with the land and allow it to guide us on our path.

Experiencing Connectedness

We build and nurture connection with ourselves, with each other, and with the Source of all life. We do this through authenticity, vulnerability, joy, celebration, love and honor.


Celebrating Life Playfully through music, dance and art

Through the arts we integrate our wisdom and experiences, and we share and delight in our senses. We also pass on wisdom and knowledge through the cultural practices that were developed over millenia to connect and empower communities with story, song, rhythm, movement, and color.

Sharing Our Wisdom and Gifts

We all have mastery in some areas, and we all grow, learn and expand when we share and receive the gifts of wisdom. We invite many wise teachers and kumu to share their breadth of knowledge with us. Together we grow and deepen our experience of life.

Loving our whole selves and supporting our own well-being and that of our 'Ohana

At Hale ‘Ohana we are committed to living our own lives with passion, purpose, dedicated and self-love. We understand that we are all unique and multi-faceted beings. We support each other to live powerfully from the heart.

Experiences with Hale ‘Ohana

I feel that Kauai has this really amazing energy that brings out connection and authenticity within people.  Being able to bring the family energy and the community sense, being able to have a retreat with Hale Ohana, would really bring forth your feelings of connectivity to self and others. It’s a sense of sharing the magical gifts that we have and that we can share with everyone else; this is something I have found to be really unique to Kauai and Hale Ohana that I haven’t found anywhere else in the world that I’ve been. It makes me feel a sense of belonging and a sense of unity that I have been seeking for a long time. It really brings a sense of home to my heart.+

Cynthia Jauch

Entrepreneur & World Traveler

We find ourselves in a place here in Kauai. And we are not only here but in every region of the world, coming together as family, as ‘Ohana. There is a space where the truly unknown can be made manifest.  All knowing comes from the unknown.  To unknow, you need to make the space, to cry, and have the interpersonal honesty, responsibility, Ho’oponopono. From that surrender, comes peace. Those who hear the calling come together and allow that to happen.

Jeff Wium

Founder, The Wisdomkeeper's Project

Hawaiian Universal Wisdom Practices


What we believe is what is real for us. Our ideas create our reality. We hold personal responsiblity for how we live. We are the source of our own experience.


My contribution forms a part of the whole. My life is a service and I cherish my responsibility as a party of the community. With honor, I am connected.


Together our diversity creates harmony and balance. We share in the abundance and peace when we come together as ‘Ohana – each one a part of the whole.



Grounded in prayer and connection with the ‘Aina (the land, that which nourishes us), we serve in Love and for the benefit of all.

Meet our Facilitators – “Na Kumu”

Ka'imi Hermosura

Ka'imi Hermosura

a Native Born Hawaiian and Powerful Lineage Holder

Raised on Kauai, Ka’imi occupies many roles with a fierce passion.  A world-bridger, his work connects both the earthly world with the Spiritual, as well as traditional wisdom with a wide array of lineage based teachings and practices that have been held alive in Hawaiian culture for many generations.

Growing up immersed in ancient ways as walked and taught by his Mau kūpuna (grandparents), Ka’imi carriers forward his kuliana (responsibility) as a healer, farmer, fisherman, astronomer, musician, and story-teller.  In addition he holds the unique gifts of canoe building and the ancient science of celestial navigation, which the native Hawaiian people have irrefutably been masters of for well over a thousand years.  Since a child he has been actively involved in building, sailing, navigating, and training crews for the world famous Hawaiian double-hulled voyaging canoes.  

This ancient art has recently been proven as demonstrated with the round-the-world voyage of “Hokulea”.  She sailed from Hawaii and traveled over 40,000 miles, visiting more than 150 ports and 18 nations in a three year time span, returning back to Hawaii in June of 2017.  She used only celestial navigation during the entire voyage.  And Ka’imi is an honorary crewmember.  

The sailing tradition is further kept alive by “Namahoe”, another Kaua’i-born double-hulled canoe, and one of Kaimi’s greatest loves.  The impact of Kaimi’s decades of service and relentless dedication to his people’s traditions is nothing less than awe inspiring.    These qualities are matched beautifully with sincerest humility.  He is eager to teach what he knows and is truly a joy to learn from and be around.

Toi Pua La`a

Toi Pua La`a

Native Hawaiian Born and RaisProfessional Dancer, Master Choreographer, Ashtanga Yoga and Tai Ji Teacher, Licensed Masseuse and Rolf Structural Integrator

Toi Pua La’a’s love of dance began in her childhood, where the beauty of nature, the fluidity and grace of ocean waves and the gentle swaying of trees were all honored in Hawaiian Hula dance. In blissful union with nature, from ocean to river to forest, she always knew she wanted to express her spirit and creativity through dance, arts and conscious breath with movement.
Her studies and work have taken her around the world. She has trained intensively under such Masters as Tung ShiFu (Master Tung, Ngan Hung). She has acquired years of intensive study in the role of the Wu Dan (female warrior), specializing in martial arts, acrobatics, dance and weaponry, Chinese classical and folk dance, Ballet, Aerial dance, Wu Shu, Tai Ji Chen, & Ashtanga Yoga. She has years of professional experience in Hula, Tahitian Dance, Middle Eastern Belly Dance, Orissi Temple Dancing, and Fire Dancing. She has danced professionally in
all of her fields of study and was chosen to perform as a professional dancer in the 1992 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Albertville, France.
Her connection to Source and Sacred Space begins within her own heart and she shares it gladly with others.  Dance is her prayer and her gift to share with her students, audiences and the world. Serving as an Ambassador of Aloha she offers Hawaiian arts, culture and healing practices everywhere she goes.  Her understanding of the human body, alignment and movement are further developed in her career as a licensed masseuse and a Rolf Structural Integrator. She continues her yoga practice as well and is a certified teacher in Ashtanga Yoga.
Simplicity Love

Simplicity Love

Yoga Teacher, ReTreat Yourself Lead Facilitator

A world-traveler, jungle-lover yogini who teaches others how to live in a Conscious state of Choice through Freedom Practices she has cultivated from her inner and outer adventures.

She is the founder of Yoga on the Verge, a method and philosophy that combines meditation, devotion, spiritual study with adventure and advanced yoga practices to support living an aware, vibrant and free life. By connecting to the Earth we become closer toward Living in Reality.

Experienced at working with all levels from beginner to advanced, her unique methods include standard & non-traditional breath work, yoga sequencing, humor and hands on adjustments. Her focus is cultivating Healing Awareness and staying deeply spiritually connected through real life connections, one’s own breath, body, emotions, mind and soul

From the Amazon, trekking Mount Everest, and a small temple in China, Simplicity shares the Spirit of Aloha that has become deeply a part of her heart and life.           *Learn more about Simplicity Love* 


Preston Brandt

Preston Brandt

Flight Instructor, Consciousness Pilot, ReTreat Host and Community Leader, Compassionate Friend

As Co-Founder of Hale ‘Ohana, Preston has worked deeply and tirelessly bring to life the shared vision of a home for community. Preston is devoted to the life wisdom that has transformed his own life, and to the possibility that others may see their own lives transformed as well through a profound sense of connection to community, to the earth, and to themselves.

With decades of experience as a professional pilot, and as a flight instructor, Preston will help you experience life through altered perspective. When we fly at a higher altitude, we see things we couldn’t see before, and we see things differently from that moment on.

Asa Dean

Asa Dean

Self Awareness and Connection Teacher, Tea Shaman, ReTreat Yourself Group Facilitator

Asa is dedicated to the reclamation of the body as a temple, a teacher, and a simple doorway home.  With recognition of each person’s inherent intelligence, Asa facilitates individuals and groups deeper into their process of self awareness and embodiment. Using a combination of touch, somatic cuing, and language (re)patterning he gently guides people into the edges where expectation meets possibility. In the spaces where opposites can be known to support one another lie simple possibilities for greater freedom and pleasure; come ready to explore the dance of your vulnerability and your power.  Asa has been a student of the soma (body) and all its wisdom since a young age. He continues in the lineages of Ida Rolf, S.N. Goenka, Huge Milne, and other somatic wizards as he weaves Hakomi practices, conscious languaging skills, and bodywork with a keen sense of social & emotional attunement.

Jeffrey Huamanchiq Wium

Jeffrey Huamanchiq Wium

Wisdom Keeper

After departing a career in media production, Jeffrey began an inner quest to learn how to integrate mystical lifeways into modern life. In 2005, he founded the Wisdomkeepers Project. Its programs, talks and retreat offerings blend Western holistic paradigms with the workings of the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition, Quantum Energy Medicine, Qigong, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Shamanism, Psychosomatic Bodywork, Sound and Light Therapy, Gnostic Philosophy, Vision Quest Protocols, Conscious Parenting, Avaloketesvara Initiation and Inter-denominational Ministry. He is the founder of the Wisdomkeepers Project and creator of the film Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino.

Jeffrey offers personal and professional consultation, quantum health and awakening consciousness sessions as well as talks, programs and retreats to support holistic living.

Diana Penchoff

Diana Penchoff

Acupuncture Alchemy

Known world-wide as “the gentle acupuncturist,” Diana’s diverse and accomplished range of healing modalities stems from over 25 years of education, experience and passion in the healing arts. Driven to explore how the mind, body and spirit can work together for optimum health, vibrancy and well-being, she offers a truly unique blend of individualized treatments.

Treatments range from Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture, acupuncture facials and auricular (ear) acupuncture to gentle gua sha cleansing and cupping treatments. Her proven synergetic blend of ancient healing modalities relaxes, restores and rejuvenates your senses for the ultimate Kauai experience.

Opt for a private session or enjoy couple’s acupuncture.

Daniel Labov Dunne

Daniel Labov Dunne

Joy and Freedom To Connect Coach, ReTreat Yourself Group and Personal Facilitator

Daniel Labov Dunne has studied with improvisational teachers Keith Johnstone (author of Impro,) WIlliam Hall, Paul Killam, Laury Derry, Lisa Klein, Ben Johnson and Carla Zilbersmith. Daniel holds an AA in Theatre Arts from College of Marin, is a 2-time recipient of the Robin Williams Scholarship for Acting, and is a certified Relationship & Intimacy Coach by the Intimacy Forum in Berkeley. He has studied Psychosophy, a psychospiritual system of joyous growth, with mentor Scott Hamilton for the past 5 years. He was born and raised in Fairfax, CA.

Thalyn "The Bard" Nikolau

Thalyn "The Bard" Nikolau

Spontaneous Expression Coach, Master Theater Instructor, ReTreat Yourself Group Workshop Facilitator

Thalyn (the Bard) Nikolau has dedicated his life to the creation of inspirational theatre and the expressive arts. This gifted graduate from the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts has rocked the professional theater stage for over 23 years. As a performing artist, Thalyn is a Jack-of-all-trades. From Shakespeare to Improv Comedy, Slam Poetry to Rock Opera, Dance to BeatBoxing… You name it, he’s done it. As a playwright, Thalyn created two mythic-scale stage shows: Message in a Bottle the rock musical, and the multi-media dance fable Sekai. He also wrote the interactive children’s show Crossroads, which played to thousands of keiki across the state of Hawaii. He recently launched his one-man-show Bard’s Eye View, featuring original performance poetry. Thalyn has kept the Impov Comedy flame alive on Maui and Kauai for the past 17 years as the creator and artistic director for his comedy troupes The Pono Players and The InsPirates. All the while, inspiring hundreds of improv students to engage in the Art of Play. www.quantumplayer.com

Brando Wattson

Brando Wattson

Certified Lifeguard, Kiteboarding, and Surf Instructor

Brando is a native son of Hawaii growing up on Kauai’s North Shore. He has taken his 25 years of ocean and surfing experience to create a first class surf company called ALOHA Surf School.

CPR, First Aid and Lifeguard certified, Brando educates his students in the areas of ocean safety and surf etiquette; a must for Hawaiian waters, professional surfers and tourists alike.   Kiteboarding and Surf Certified Instructor, he has all the equipment and expertise to help you feel the board under your feet whether it is in the water or in the air.



Yang Thai Chi Quan Instructor

Yaokai is a body-conscious, community facilitator of new potentials. Through his committed study in the arts of Tai Chi Quan and Contact Improv Dance, he offers creative vision and expanded possibilities. Yaokai is a devoted channel for new understandings of interpersonal communication; focusing on illuminating paths of least resistance and discovering universal flow. He is committed to supporting others in recognizing their truth and trusting their inner guidance.

Yaokai is a six-generation teacher of Secret Yang Tai Chi Quan. It’s unique movements culminate a wide array of uses ranging from martial application to internal meditation.  His teaching style is to meet people of all skill levels with patience. He offers strong guidance and presence in his teachings, while committing to the further growth of his students.




Stephen Joffe

Stephen Joffe

Wing Chun Instructor

Stephen Joffe is Master of Eastern Science, as a teacher of 30 years experience, he has taught Worldwide and across many audiences; all the way from USA Olympic Gymnasts to Special Forces and everywhere in-between.

Originally trained as a Biochemist Stephen worked on an anti-HIV drug design team at the CDC; disillusioned with inanimate Western Science, he decided to teach people according to the dynamic life promoting tradition of martial arts.

With a wealth of experience and deep knowledge of a variety of meditative practices; Stephen has developed a unique energy-based teaching method: all learning, and any personal gauge on evolution within the ancient body wisdom disciplines he teaches, is centered on progress of the individuals energy system.

Stephen’s dedication to the Ancient esoteric traditions, combined with his desire to share the powerfully transformative benefits, brings poetic delight and engages everyone he comes into contact with.