Alter Your Perspective

ReTreat Yourself Includes Experiencing A Radical New Point of View

Rewire your brain from a new vantage point. Delight your senses. Allow yourself to be guided.


Seeing Kauai from above was the most beautiful and exciting experience I’ve ever had.

The weather was spectacular and the pilot Preston was so caring and experienced. I would recommend this to everyone who visits the island and who lives on island. The island is so beautifully created. I am so grateful to God for creating such a beautiful land for man to take care of and enjoy, and I am so grateful for the friends that made it possible for me to see it.

You leave the flight with a different perspective and an experience that is unforgettable.”

Danielle J


Sensational! Wow. This is one of the coolest things I have every done!

Preston was such a joy to fly with him. He is a calm and peaceful man with a passion for life and flying! He showed us some of the most beautiful sites I have ever had the opportunity of seeing.

Thank you!”

Mark G

Wow!  Soooo much fun!  We have never experienced the islands like this.

We took a flight with Preston.  Amazing…  So much beauty and elegance in this untouched wilderness.  Preston is a great pilot and teacher.  He made us feel safe and comfortable.  We would recommend this to anyone!”

Jenny Rose & Anais

Witness Earth’s Majesty

A Bird’s Eye View

The way of the ‘Tao’ and the indigenous cultures invite us to learn directly from Nature herself.

Our Flight path will lead you from experiencing new earth forming from fresh lava, through different stages of maturity of land, to the spread of new civilization, and the rich ancient beauty of the garden island that we begin from and return to.

We invite you to allow this profound and rare vantage point, to alter your relationship with the earth, yourself, and your life. 


Message from your Pilot, Preston Brandt:


“My role is to keep you safe, and to take you beyond where you could imagine, to a world of flight that is my home.

This is a joyous opportunity where we get to journey together to witness some of the most beautiful sights on the planet.

This is my honor and privilege, and when you join our ‘Ohana we can share and experience a new world together.”


“WOW!  My airplane experience with Kauai By Air and Captain Preston Brandt was really spectacular.

It was my first time flying in a small plane so I was a bit nervous. Preston’s relaxed and professional manner eased my fears very quickly, and before I knew it, I was engrossed in the magnificence of one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Even as I write this, visions of Kaua’i’s spires and valleys dance in my mind. I would recommend this experience to anyone; Preston is obviously very experienced and capable and was a pleasure to have him as an aerial tour guide. Aloha!!”

Richard Diamond

“I just want to keep flying!!!!!!!!!

We had such a stunning flight with Preston yesterday! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Kauai from above looks like Garden Eden. Innumerable wild valleys, countless waterfalls, dramatic cliffs and coastlines left me speechless!!

Preston is probably the best pilot you can have. I felt very safe with him and he is a very pleasant person to be around. He has a lot of knowledge and background information about the island. I loved his plane too, you get the real feel for what it means to flyyyyyyyyy 🙂



“Preston’s perpetual calmness and light-hearted good nature were directly transferred to everyone on the plane. They created a comfortable atmosphere for learning. The fact that he’s been teaching flying for so long clearly shows – it made it easy to feel safe and have trust in his years of accumulated knowledge.  Best of all, we had fun!!”

Jeremy & Friends

“Amazing experience flying with Preston!!

I took my boyfriend for a flight with Preston when we were in Kauai last month for his bday and we had the most incredible time!
Right off the bat Preston gave off great vibes- he’s super warm and personable.
He proceeded to give us the most thorough island tour from the sky, with really interesting insight into what we were looking at (history of the island, etc etc). He gave us choices for different routes we could take and let us tell him what places we really wanted to see. He also gave my boyfriend the opportunity to have some hands-on experience flying the plane.
The pictures we took from the sky were absolutely epic….makes us want to do it all over again!
I would highly recommend a sky tour with Preston to anyone in Kauai :)”


Kelli T.

San Francisco, CA

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