ReTreat Yourself to Wellbeing

A Whole Being ReTreat To Support You in THRIVING. 

We cultivate experiences of profound wellness through:

Deep Connections: 

With Heart. Spirit. Mind. Body. Essence Self. Community. The Living Universe. The Divine Cosmos. We are one Family. We are Hawaiian ‘ohana.

Explore You:

YOUR journey is MAGICALLY unique and an INTEGRAL part of the whole. It is YOUR discovery and OUR PRIVILEGE to share in the revealing and WITNESSING of you. Bring you.  Share you. Nurture YOU.

Raw Health:

Nourishing your core. Building permanent FOUNDATION for living a LIFETIME of wellness and WELL BEING.

Crack Your Fears. Discover the Edge:

*ALL* that is not yours may be RELEASED. Submerge into wholeness. This is a womb for the homecoming of your SOUL.

BEYOND the ordinary:

Living close to the veil. Where SPIRIT is evident in every day breathing. We live in the MOMENT. And INVITE you into it with us.

Ancient Wisdom From The ‘Aina:

‘Aina in Hawaiian means ‘that which feeds us. Experience the living culture of ‘Aloha. Ground from your roots to your fruits. 

ReTreat yourself with ‘Ohana

Together we are One. 

Inquire About a 3 Day Intensive 

Limited Spaces Available

Our Trained Facilitators Meet You With Heart

Experienced in a vast array of healing specialties, our staff is here to support you experiencing a transformation of the heart, mind and soul; and a deep experience of well-being.


Our yoga instructors have devoted their lives to living the principles of yoga wellbeing and mastery in their lives. In Kaua’i we have a wealth of some of the most heart-centered and deeply aligned yoga teachers in the world. Connect from without, on an island oasis of beauty.


A subtle energy called Qi is the vital force, the presence of which separates the living from the non-living. Its balanced, unimpeded flow is critical to sound health. It flows through each of us like a river, energizing, nourishing and supporting every cell, tissue, muscle, organ and gland. Through Qi we access greater vibrancy and well-being.

Adventure & Nature Guides:

Kaua’i is a world-class adventure playground. From waterfalls, canyon hiking, jungle exploration, secret caves and private beaches, our guides will hold space for your heart and soul, and support you in integrating the beauty of the island into your spiritual retreat. 

Sacred Temples:

When we visit ancient, sacred sites, we are activated in profound ways. We can receive wisdom, and guidance, and light. We can connect to experiences greater than ourselves. Temples exist in natural formations of rivers and mountains, and those build by the Hawaiians in the form of ‘heiau’ for prayer and retreat.


Simply being present on this island can be like receiving a massage, since it can touch you deeply and nourish you from the inside out. Kaua’i is home to world-class massage schools that cultivate awareness and presence. Receive touch to rejeuvenate your body, heal your heart and bless your soul.


When we allow ourselves to relax and release fully and completely into the present moment, we connect and draw in Source energy. We metaphysically align and connect with our center. From this place, spontaneous magic can unfold. Together our spaciousness can heal all.

Other Modalities and Experiences Available Include:
  • Raw Food Consultation
  • Colonics & Cleansing
  • Surfing
  • Chocolate Farm Tours
  • Ayurvedic Consultations
  • Fire Dance Classes
  • Hiking Meditation Journey
  • T’ai Chi
  • Contact Improvisation Dance
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Alchemy
  • Drum Circles
  • Hawaiian Chanting
  • Song Circles
  • Lei Making
  • Hula
  • Tibetan Bowls Music Therapy
  • Soul & Destiny Readings
  • Continuum Movement
  • La’au Lapa’au Plant Medicine
  • Beach Labyrinth Walk
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Aquacranial
  • Structural Integration / Rolfing
  • Qi Gong
  • Watsu
  • Kauai Food Forest Experience
  • Dream Consultations

A Gathering Place ~ For Living An Earth of ALOHA

We Are Family. We are ‘OHANA.

Our ReTreat Experiences Are Held on the island of Kaua’i 

“The Garden Island” 

Kaua’i is a Mecca of Wellness Cultivation From Around The Globe

Imagine a remote island, where according to the Dalai Lamai is the exact place on the planet where souls enter the Earth’s plane (near Kalalea mountain on the East Side) and souls exit (at Polihale on the West Side).

Kaua’i is home to and a spiritual home to thousands of people who have traveled the globe in search of a home for the soul.

This land is sacred and we respect and cherish all that is given to us. We listen to the wisdom of the land and act in harmony and loving support of it.

Kaua’i is the eldest of the main Hawaiian islands with rich valleys, spectacular canyons, an abundance of water falls, and pristine beaches.

"The Grandmother Island"

On the Big Island of Hawaii, fresh lava continues to grow and expand the Hawaiian Island chain. This creates fields of rough, dark lava rock where land is being born. On Kaua’i, we have a deep maturity of the land. The still untouched depths of the island are lush.  Kaua’i is a place for sharing deep wisdom.

A Network of Sacred Hawaiian Temples - Na Halau

Hawaiian Life is rooted in prayer from the very core of its language. It is currently the fasted re-emerging language that was largely considered ‘lost’ after it was completely banned from being spoken and taught (as recently as the 1980s). Our island offers ancient sacred sites of prayer and aloha.

A Protected Womb For Cultivating Aloha

Kaua’i is a haven and a timeless retreat womb for brilliant souls who are ready to live from the inside out. Our island is protected by a 2,000+ mile moat around us, and is still largely untouched by the tourism industries of its neighboring islands.

What to Expect : A Day at ReTreat Yourself Immersion

With Hale ‘Ohana 

  • Early Morning: Meditation, Yoga, Sunrise Adventure, Quiet Calm Enjoying The Retreat Space or Connecting with ‘Ohana
  • Delicious Local and Organic Nourishment: refreshments, tropical fruits, foods to charge you for your day of exploration and connection
  • Morning/Afternoon Sessions: Our Hale ‘Ohana facilitators will offer classes and/or Excursion options to explore Kaua’i, all with loving guidance and Conscious Container for our Re.Treat
  • Lunch: Either you will be at an epic Kaua’i adventure location and enjoying your packed yummy delicious lunch, or will be joining our ‘Ohana at our beautiful long wooden dining table or poolside at our private balinese style retreat location.
  • Dinner / Evening : Enjoy your dinner with all of our ‘Ohana. Our delicious meals are made with the highest quality local ingredients. Evening times are incredible opportunities for connecting with our facilitators and with each other after a day of consciousness and adventure. Take in a sunset at one of the local world-class beaches and watch the moon rise, or join in a song ceremony by the fire.
  • Deep Rest : Our days contain a balance of personal exploration, connection, integration, and sacred facilitation. We will ensure that you are as comfortable and peaceful as possible so you can get the deep rest you will need for another day’s dive into the task of BEing and discovery the fullness and the magic of you. 

ReTreat Accomodations at a Private Sanctuary

on Kaua’i’s North Shore

Our ReTreat offers ‘Ohana Style Shared Rooms on our Beautiful Property

Your exquisite accommodations are in a mansion located on 5 pristine tropical acres of Kauai’s North Shore. It is a beautiful large home with ample community space and an expansive outdoor deck. Exquisite magical outdoor day beds, pagodas, private nooks, and ceremonial spaces to find solitude all add to its majestic ambience.  The house is 5 minutes walking distance from one of the most beautiful, private beaches on the island.

When you apply for our retreat, we will ask you for your accomodation preferences to ensure that everyone is comfortable and fully supported in having a relaxing and nourishing stay with us.

"Nurtured and Connected. From your roots to your core."